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Traffic Point Policy

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What is a Driver’s License Penalty

Penalty, such as driver’s license cancellation or suspension for a certain duration of time, is awarded to drivers who violated any of the traffic laws and regulations or caused a traffic accident.

Traffic Point Policy

Traffic Point Policy
Category Details Note
Driver License Suspension Persons with Traffic Points higher than 40 for violations in traffic regulations or traffic accidents 1 Traffic Point is equivalent to 1 day of suspension
Driver License Cancellation
  • 1 year : Higher than 121 points
  • 2 year : Higher than 201 points
  • 3 year : Higher than 271 points
Manage & maintain for 3 years (starting from the date of the violation or accident)
Conditions for Clearing of Traffic Points For persons with Traffic Points less than 40, all Traffic Points will be cleared to zero if he/she has no violations or traffic accidents for one year from the time of the last violation or accident date The cleared points are subtracted from the total accumulated points
Reduction of Points for Help in Capturing Getaway Vehicles For persons who help in capturing getaway vehicles (drivers who caused a traffic accident and fled the scene) by either providing key information for the capture or actually be involved in the capture, 40 Special Points will be awarded to reduce the cumulated point total. If situation arises for license suspension or cancelation, then the points are used to reduce the overall sum
Special Privilege for Model Drivers For model drivers (persons who received an Award for having no traffic accident for over 10 years), the period of license suspension will be reduced in half. 1 Traffic Point is equivalent to 1 day of suspension and total points subtracted from total (not applicable for penalties arising form traffic accidents)
Reduction in Penalty Days for Taking Traffic Safety Training 20 days will be reduced from the period of license suspension of persons who take Traffic Safety Training for drivers with license suspensions and cancelations.
Conditions for Cancellation of Driver’s License Killing or injuring a person while driving under the influence of alcohol (blood alcohol level 0.05% or higher) 4 major situations out of a total of 16 situations for cancelation
Driving under the influence of alcohol (blood alcohol level 0.1% or higher)
Causing a traffic accident and fleeing the scene
Causing violence (such as hitting, kicking, etc.) to traffic police or others involved in the accident and 12 other situations