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On-Road Driving Exam

On-Road Driving Exam
Category Details
Preparations and Processing Fee application form, ID (Valid Identification(ID)),
when a representative applies for you, then the representative’s ID and Power of Attorney
receipt for paying Processing fee : KRW 25,000
Driving Course total distance of over 5 km
Grading System 70 points or higher
the evaluator grades by using minus point system starting from 100
Failing Criteria examinee quits the test or the examinee is unable the start the vehicle after 3 failed tries
showing ineptitude in vehicle operations such as the engine stalling and stopping over 5 times due to inexperience in clutch/gear operations or sudden braking over 5 times
involved in or the cause of a potential or actual traffic accident
ignoring the directions of the evaluator in situations of dangerous traffic environment
ignoring the safety and rights of pedestrians, ignoring and violating traffic lights and signs, crossing the center line, or driving dangerously near a school bus
not wearing a seat belt from the start to the finish of the exam
Other You must obtain your driver’s license during the valid period of your temporary license
(when your temporary license expires then you must re-take the written exam and driving course test before you can take the on-road driving exam)
For persons who fail their on-road driving exam (including exams carried out by other driving schools), they must wait 3 days before they can try to take the on-road driving exam again.
Ex) if you fail on the 1st, then you can retake on the 4th