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Exam Qualifications

Exam Qualifications
Type of License Qualifications
Level 1(large), Level 1(special) Over 19 years of age, Level 1 or 2 (regular) license driver for at least one year
Level 1 (regular), Level 2(regular),
Level 2(small)
Over 18 years of age
Level 2 (motorized), bicycle Over 16 years of age
Level 1 or 2 (disabled) Disabled who has passed the body motor function capability test
For Level 1, all the above qualifications for Level 1 apply
Health Test Eye Test
: Level 1 – both eye 0.8 or above, each eye 0.5 or above
: Level 2 – both eye 0.5 or above (if only one-eyed, good eye 0.6 or above)
Color Test : able to distinguish between green, red and yellow
Hearing Test : Level 1(large) – hearing 55dB or better
(if wearing a hearing-aid, then 40dB or better)