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Written & Driving Exam

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Written Exam

Written Exam
Category Details Note
Preparations application form, color photo x 3 (Standard Specifications for the Attached Color Photo), ID (Valid Identification(ID))
Processing Fee Level 1,2 (regular) : KRW 7,500
Motorized vehicle : KRW 5,000
Level 2 (small) : KRW 7,500
Question Type 40 questions (multiple choice, fill-in the blank, and subjective answer)
Exam Topics Types of driver’s licenses and their management
knowledge basic to the operation and/or driving a vehicle
Grading System computerized grading (results are displayed on a display board)
Level 1 : 70 points or higher
Level 2 : 60 points or higher
Pass/Fail is stamped on the application form and given to the examinee
  • You must pass the Written Exam within 1 year of first taking the Written Exam or else you must re-apply
  • You must pass the Driving Course Test within 1 year of passing the Written Exam or else you must re-apply and re-take the Written Exam

Computer-based Written Exam

The Written Exam is administered in all 26 regional Driver License Examination Offices

1. What is a computerized written exam?

  • It is a paperless exam taking environment where the test is administrated using a computer and the examinees sit in front of a computer to take the exam.

2. What are the advantages of a computerized written exam?

  • there are no designated test start and end times but instead you can start the test at any time there is a free console
  • there is no need to bring any pencil, pen or special writing device
  • it is easier to change your answers compared to an OMR card-based testing environment
  • you can know the results of your exam as soon as the test is over because it is graded automatically and instantly
  • it is designed such that even computer-illiterate people can easily take the exam