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Service Charter

As the leader in maintaining an advanced traffic environment, everybody at the Road Traffic Authority will do our utmost and make it our mission to provide a safe and convenient traffic environment for our customers such that the number of traffic accidents are reduced resulting in the preservation of life and the guarantee of a safe driving environment.

We will,
  • devote ourselves to place our customer’s safety and convenience as our number one priority,
  • see and think from our customer’s perspective,
  • provide the best service for our customers,
  • courteously listen and act upon our customer’s needs and demands, and
  • promptly correct any mistakes or wrongdoings on our part that might provide disservice to our customers.

In order to keep our promise to our customers, we will make sure we faithfully abide by our service fulfillment standards which are based on our three core values of “creativity and passion”, “striving to be the best”, and “open-mindedness”.

Core Service Fulfillment Standard

For customer’s convenience, we will make sure to promptly execute the core service fulfillment standards

Core Service Fulfillment Standard
Category Service Details
Traffic Safety
  • We will support more than 2,000 cases and 3,000 km a year of technical assistance service related to traffic safety facilities in order to provide a convenient traffic environment.
  • Following the yearly plan laid out by the Office of the Prime Minister, we will faithfully improve the areas of high traffic accidents in order to provide a safe driving environment.
  • We will provide trustworthy traffic accident statistics through TAAS(Traffic Accident Analysis System) on our webpage.
  • We will make sure that we provide the Combined Traffic Accident Analysis Report within 15 days of the request in order to quickly assess the cause of the accident and provide feedback to our customers.
Education and Promotions
  • We will educate and train over 2 million drivers each year in order to promote traffic safety and help advance traffic culture.
  • We will sponsor instructor training sessions, instructor dissertation presentations, and survey on instruction materials at least once a year in order to improve the quality of our education service.
  • Through promotions on TV, radio, newspapers, etc., we will advertise and do our part in the national campaign on and reducing traffic accidents by half and increasing green energy.
  • We will abide by and maintain strict adherence to all the policies and regulations on managing and testing for the national certification on traffic accident analysis experts.
Traffic Broadcasting
  • We will provide more than 1 million cases of traffic information a year and broadcast more than 600 programs a year concerning traffic safety.
  • In order to maintain fairness and publicness, we will abide by and maintain strict adherence to the broadcasting and telecommunications policies and regulations. In any instance of violations, we will promptly make the necessary improvements and changes to correct the violations.
  • In case of emergencies, we will broadcast the emergency situation within 1 hour of either being requested to do so by the Broadcasting Commission or the Fire Department or on our own accord in order to preserve lives and improve safety.
Driver’s License
  • We will abide by and adhere to the standards and processes associated with issuing of and managing driver’s licenses, and if a delay is expected during any process, then it will be announced within 10 minutes to increase customer awareness and courtesy.
  • In all regional Examination Offices, we will make sure that the wait period to take driving training and driving exams is between 5 to 10 days.
  • To accommodate customers who can not get off work during weekdays, we will make sure to open one or more Saturdays a month to increase customer convenience (please refer to the schedule of each individual Examination Office for the exact open days). In periods of high customer congestion such as during holidays or vacation periods, we will open one extra hour on weekdays and two extra hours on Saturdays.
  • We will try our best to make sure that our customers are able to take the different types of exams on days that are most convenient for each customer.
  • In order to better inform our customers on examination processes, grading policies, etc., we will install announcement boards at more than one location per Examination Office. Examination evaluators and education instructors will announce the process of each particular of exam prior to taking the exam and videos will also be used to better inform our customers on the overall process.
  • To increase customer convenience, we will announce the results of Written Exams instantly after the end of the exam and for the On-Road Driving Exam, the designated course and grading method will be provided prior to taking the exam.
  • If a person who failed an exam requests or asks to know what he/she did wrong, then the instructor or evaluator will tell the person which areas need improvement and what the correct answers or procedures are.
  • We will make sure that the vehicles used for exams are maintained at the highest level of quality and readiness so that the exams are conducted fairly and efficiently.
  • All areas and facilities in Examination Offices will be always clean and sanitary.
  • All vending machines, public telephones, restrooms, ATM, etc. that the customers use in each Examination Offices will be maintained operational and clean so that there are no complaints from our customers.
  • All Examination Offices will operate nurse’s office for emergencies and children’s play area for customers who visit with their children.
  • Through our website, we will provide all necessary information that our customers will need about examinations, application processes, driver’s license information, driving course, etc.
  • We will research and develop over 300 topics a year concerning new technologies and techniques for traffic safety and the improvement of traffic environment (6 topics per researcher).
  • Results of certified exams and correction reports will be provided promptly and accurately according to the policies of the Korean Certification Organization and the examination management procedures.
  • All the reports and documents generated by the researchers will be made publically available through our Electronic Library website.
  • We will provide traffic information service through the construction of a national traffic map divided into traffic regions and areas by city or town.

Customer Service Fulfillment Standard

Customer Greeting Standards

When a Customer Visits the Road Traffic Authority
  • An Information Board will be positioned at a location where it will be very easy for the customers to access and to see the information. All employees will always wear a name badge for customers to easily see his/her name and department.
  • All employees will always greet customers with a smile and use polite language when answering to customers or helping the customers with situations. He/she will always state their name and department when answering questions.
  • All employees will listen courteously to any question or statement made by a customer even though he/she is working on some other task or duty.
  • When the representative for a task is not at his/her position of duty, then the exact reason for the person being absent will be mentioned to the customer and another person will help out the customer instead or a message will be left for the representative to return and take care of the task at a later time.
  • If a disabled person or an elder person calls about 5 minutes prior to visiting the Office, then we will have a welcoming person greet them at the front door in order to prevent waiting time and discomfort.
  • We will display at least two sets of reading glasses inside the Office for customers who are hard of seeing and we will always have someone to help customers who can not read.
  • Driver’s License Related Tasks and Processing Time
    Driver’s License Related Tasks and Processing Time
    Task Processing Time Application Method
    Issuance of Driver’s License Instantly after receiving application visit in-person
    Re-issue after loss Instantly after receiving application visit or online
    Aptitude Test(renew) Instantly after receiving application visit or
    online (for Level 2 only
    Level 2(regular) No Accident for 7 years or more Exchange to Level 1 Instantly after receiving application visit in-person
    Issue and renewal of Military Driver’s License Instantly after receiving application visit in-person
    Exchange of Foreign Driver’s License Instantly after receiving application visit in-person
    Issuance of International License Instantly after receiving application visit in-person
    ※However, the situation might change or vary depending on the Examination Office.
When an Employee of the Road Traffic Authority Visits the Customer
  • Before visiting the customer, the employee will inform the customer of the purpose, date, and time of the visit by telephone or by mail and obtain the customer’s permission.
  • We will arrive a little earlier than the promised visit time and we will be wearing appropriate attire that is neat and professional. We will clearly state our name and present our identification card before performing our task.
  • We will clearly explain the procedure for the task being performed and carry out the task in a professional manner. We will provide our business card so that the customer can call back in case of questions or when other needs arise.
When Requesting Service over the Phone
  • We will make sure to receive any calls before the fourth ring and state our name and department when receiving the call. We will answer any and all questions politely and in a professional manner.
  • The person receiving the initial call will try to answer the question asked but if the question is of such a content that it can not be answered by the initial receiver, the question will be relayed to the appropriate department and expert. A short summary of the question will be delivered to the expert department by the initial call receiver so that the customer does not have to repeat the question a second time.
  • In order to show that we understand the question exactly, we will repeat keywords of the question back to the customer for confirmation.
  • For questions that can not be answered immediately or if the expert is not at his/her desk, then the customer’s name, contact information, the time and date of the call, and short summary of the question will be recorded to relay to the expert so that the answer can provided to the customer at a later time by the expert. The customer will be able to choose the exact time of the call back within 3 hours of the initial call.
  • When the conversation is over, the call will be terminated by a friendly good-bye and the phone receiver lowered slowly so that the customer hangs up first.
When Requesting Service over the Internet, Mail or Fax
  • If asking questions online through our website, then all questions will be accurately answered by the correct expert and department.
  • All questions received online will be answered within 24 hours, except for questions received over the weekend or holidays where the answers will be provided by the next working day. For questions and suggestions for improvement of our services, the answers to such questions will take a little longer to answer due to the fact that several departments need to analyze and comment on the answer collaboratively so the answer will be provided within 3 days of the question date.
  • Any questions we receive in writing either via mail or fax will be immediately relayed to the correct expert for answer as soon as we receive the document. The answer will be provided as quick as possible in the manner of response indicated by the customer such as email, phone, SMS, etc.
  • If a customer is interested in receiving updates on the status of the question being answered, then the appropriate department and expert will provide status information via phone, email or SMS.
  • For customer convenience, the customer will be informed that the answer has been provided via email or SMS.
  • Updates in the tasks, processes, and information related to the Road Traffic Authority and Driver’s License will be constantly announced on our website.
  • Answer Policy for Different Categories of Questions on our Website
    Answer Policy for Different Categories of Questions on our Website
    Task Processing Time
    Question and Answer Within 24 hours
    Customer Suggestions Within 24 hours
    Customer Complaints Within 24 hours
    Improvements on Website Within 24 hours

Customer Participation and Comments

  • If you have suggestions or comments on improvements on any of our services, then please contact us anytime by visiting any of our branch offices or Examination Offices, by phone, by fax, by website or by mail whichever method is the most convenient for you.
  • By expanding ways of communicating with each other both online and offline, we plan to increase the trust between our customers and us (bulletin boards, memberships, etc.)
  • For using our online service, we guarantee the safety of protecting your personal information gathered online by strengthening the security of our website as well as strictly adhering to the Regulation on Protecting Personal Information Online.
  • Our Service Charter will always be displayed on our website and all your suggestions and comments for improvements will be dearly received and incorporated into our tasks so that we can provide better and more convenient service.
  • If for some reason, such as due to regulations, national policies or budget restraints, we are unable to accommodate the needs and suggestions of our customers in some way or form, then we will announce this fact and at a later time when such restrictions are lifted or changed, then we will make sure to implement ways to accommodate the requested needs or suggestions.
  • Customer Participation Service Channel
    Customer Participation Service Channel
    Service Service Channel
    Representative Number 02-2230-6114 (fax 6111)
    Driver’s License Call Center Korean website or through complaint box at each branch office/Examination Office
    FAQ Korean website
    Q & A Korean website
    Customer Suggestions Korean website
    Employee Compliments Korean website
    Report of Illegal Activity Korean website
    Policy on Public Information Korean website
    Improvements on Website Korean website
    Communication with the CEO Korean website

Correction and Compensation Policy for Faults in Service

For cases when we cause discomfort or dissatisfaction to our customers and are unable to abide by the Service Fulfillment Standards, we will provide the following compensations :

  • If a customer had to visit the branch office or Examination office more than one time to perform the same task, then the associated department head will politely offer our apologies and give the customer an award worth KRW 10,000 (such as a transportation card). The associated employee will be given a warning and retrained to perform the service better and we will make sure the same problem does not happen again.
  • If a customer feels uncomfortable or treated badly from a conversation during a visit or a phone call, then the associated employee will be asked to apologize to the customer and will be given a warning and retrained so that the problem does not happen again.
  • If a task could not be completed in the allocated time period without prior announcement or warning, then within one hour the situation will be analyzed and researched to determine the exact cause of the problem and the cause of the problem along with the solution will be announced for everybody’s knowledge. A sincere apology will be provided with the exact time frame for completing the task.

Official Publication of Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Official Publication of the Survey Process and Results

  • The survey measures whether the promised services to customers are being met (monitored frequently) and reported annually through the “Customer Satisfaction Survey Report” and officially published for general review.

How the Results will be Used

  • The results of the survey will be used to improve on the service provided by the Road Traffic Authority and the Service Charter will be updated accordingly.

Designation of Customer Satisfaction Representative

  • In order to provide the best quality service to our customers, a customer satisfaction representative will be designated per department, branch office, Examination office, and regional broadcasting centers.